Farmhouse Chic

It’s said that “home is where the heart is,” and that definitely rings true in the farmhouse chic style of design. The cozy elements featured in farmhouse chic decor make a home feel more lived-in and personal. Some themes to this warm and inviting design style includes warm and inviting color schemes, classic patterns and plain, natural furnishings.

The farmhouse chic style also contains elements like rustic furnishings, soft colors, and vintage fabrics and prints. Previously used furnishings that feature straight lines and very little ornamentation are a staple of farmhouse design. In addition, handmade accessories like baskets, bowls, and pottery are typical of this design style.


Farmhouse Chic design is defined by location, the most common being Country.

Farmhouse Chic creates a bright and welcoming old-world feeling. Exposed wooden beams or brick walls, stone flooring, and fireplaces are central elements. This look is accented with copper, wicker, or iron fixtures like candle holders, vases, or baskets. These elements help complete the feeling that the countryside lies just beyond the walls of your home.

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