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Looking for a contemporary interior designer for your home or dorm in Newark, DE? Stop looking and starting emailing to make an appointment with SJS Designs! No project is too big or too small! Depending on the size of your project, we may be able to get started after the initial meeting. Once we have a plan in place, we coordinate everything – from measuring, product ordering and finally to installation. And the best part, we handle it all!

At SJS Designs – Decorating Den Interiors, it’s our goal to help you love your space in your Newark, DE home or dorm. Contact SJS Designs – Decorating Den Interiors today by clicking here! You can also contact Samantha directly at 302-635-7617.

More about Newark, Delaware

Newark was founded by Scots-Irish and Welsh settlers in 1694. The town was officially established when it received a charter from George II of Great Britain in 1758.

Schools have played a significant role in the history of Newark. A grammar school, founded by Francis Alison in 1743, moved from New London, Pennsylvania to Newark in 1765, becoming the Newark Academy.

Newark is a recognized center of US and international figure skating, mostly due to the many national, world, and Olympic champions (including many foreign nationals) that have trained at the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club. In 2009, Sporting News ranked Newark 192 in its list of the 400 Best Sports Cities.

Notable People

Tarzan Cooper – professional basketball player
Harry Coover – inventor
Dave Douglas – golfer
Tom Douglas – award-winning Seattle chef

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