Lighting for Your Home

Warm and inviting light is what makes a house a home. Pairing the right lighting fixtures with wall color, furnishings, and accessories can instantly boost the look and feel of your home. Think of lighting as the jewelry of interior design – ceiling-mounted fixtures are like floating pieces of art that adorn a space; floor lamps brighten and embellish the otherwise dim corners of rooms; elaborate lighting fixtures serve as conversation pieces in central areas like living and dining rooms.

Lighting for your Home in Hockessin Delaware 2019

In addition to adding decorative flair to a room, lighting is vital in creating the right ambiance.

There are three types of lighting that each serve a purpose:

General: Also referred to as ambient lighting, general lighting is used to illuminate an area and meant to fill in the lack of light. General lighting can be used throughout the home in any area.

Task: This type of lighting is meant to be targeted on a specific area to help you complete something. For example, task lighting is most often utilized in kitchens to brighten counter-tops where food is prepared.

Accent: Also referred to as highlighting, accent lighting is used to draw the eye to a particular part of a room. It’s often used outdoors, but can be used indoors to highlight bookcases or artwork.

When you combine each of these types of lighting, you always have access to the light you need. At SJS Designs – Decorating Den Interiors, we specialize in lighting design in Delaware and Pennsylvania. We have access to a variety of lighting options, from chandeliers, to flush-mount fixtures, to ceiling fans, and even exterior lights. Samantha will show you all of your lighting options and advise you on which will work best. All while taking into consideration your personal taste and the layout of your home.

No matter what your lighting needs are, SJS Designs – Decorating Den Interiors can help.

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