Minimalism & Industrial

Minimalism and the industrial style are trending in 2021. Clean lines, exposed stone, and a mixture of wood, metal, and neutral colors, serve not only as a fantastic living environment, but as a great place to work from home.

Natural Materials

Natural fabrics and natural materials are beginning to trend in 2021. Wicker and rattan are growing in popularity. Natural materials add warmth and light into a space.


Sustainable and economically conscious furniture is an important trend throughout 2021. The growing concern with the environment makes eco-friendly materials increasingly sought-after.

Colorful Bedrooms

2021 will bring more color to bedrooms. All white bedrooms will start to look dated, while keeping the colors relaxed but bright it will create a cozy atmosphere. Another 2021 bedroom trend is accent headboards and canopies.


Wallpaper is coming back! Incorporating wallpaper into a space is a quick and easy way to change the feel and update the look of your room. Especially with the invention of peel-and-stick wallpaper it is a growing trend in decor.

Yellow & Grey

Pantone chose 2 colors for 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate Grey, I guess after 2020 we deserve it. The bright yellow paired with a pale grey give a sense of strength and endurance. Also, two colors symbolize a need for togetherness and support.