Rustic Interior Design

Rustic design may draw your mind to bulky barn-yard furnishings and antiquated accessories. On the contrary, this design plays with free-form shapes and natural elements. This helps create a comforting and homey environment! This type of design style is perfect for living spaces such as the dining room, kitchen, or den. SJS Designs – Decorating Den Interiors can help you incorporate rustic-inspired decor into your home with simple elements like rustic farmhouse tables and antique accessories.

Rich and Rustic Home Interior Designer in Delaware 2019

The rustic style connects interior design with its organic roots to create a warm and inviting space. In a modern world full of technology and manufactured materials, the charm of rustic design appeals to us, drawing the mind back to simpler times and celebrating the art of repurposing.



Exposed beams of wood or stone can achieve the old-world look that is synonymous with rustic design.

Cozy, inviting colors in rich shades of green, blue, khaki, and red are very popular in rustic decor. Traditional patterns and patchwork are also common – think handmade quilts, embroidery, and needlepoint textiles.

Found objects, along with DIY projects, folk art, and vintage accessories, all coexist well within rustic design. Get inspired by repurposing old items.

Wood and reclaimed lumber are staples in rustic design. Think. You won’t find polished woods – it’s all about the natural appearance of passed-down family heirlooms and repurposed furnishings that showcase sturdy woods.


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